“Too good to be true.”

I stood in the valley . I was not alone . There were many people around me. I felt that I don’t belong here… So I started to climb the mountain . But they told me,”are you a fool ?Why can’t you stay here ? You have everything you need here ,then why you are doing this ?” Then when I was halfway up the hill , some one told me , “you are not good enough to do this. You must stop and return back to where you started” .I thought for a moment and was wondering to return back …..then the voice within me told me to move forward. So I kept walking . Another person told me ,”why did you start when you know that you are not good at this”.” I started because it is my passion,”I said proudly. “You should have stayed in your comfort zone . You must not do something that you are not good at even if it is your passion,he continued.”It is too good to be true.”

“What would have happened if I stayed there ? “I thought myself ……I would have ended up like most of the people …..I would have waited till the end of my life….fearing what if I failed ? What if I am not good enough to do this ? What if people laugh at me if I don’t reach the mountain top. But I am doing it daily , taking my small steps in the direction of my dreams and goals.

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