Call of life.

Their words pierced my heart like a sharp dagger and left me bleed in the darkness . No wonder I was weeping while they laughed at me. I was wounded and felt a nagging pain deep within my heart.

I thought I found a ray of sunshine that peeped one day into the darkness bringing me rays of hope. It was too late before I know it was a dream and plunged back into the darkness.

Then I smelled sweet fragrance in the wind followed by a soft whisper calling me to wake up . I opened my eyes to a bright lit figure standing before me . That was an angel who stood before me. The touch of the light healed me and lit me up .I no longer felt the nagging pain. I felt so weightless like a feather and floated up in the sky . The voice felt like music to my ears asking me to see my life calling me,waiting for me to answer the call with gratitude and forgiveness . Time has come to know who I truly am? and why I am here?

Life gave me answers that I always sought: To embrace who I truly am and to let go of the past memories , mistakes and wounds.Then I woke up into a beautiful place ,so familiar a Paradise within me.

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