Who will save you?

Once there lived two friends in a village.They lived in houses nearby a river.Everytime when the river got flooded they were drowned and would lose their homes and belongings.

This continued for several years.The first friend found a solution and told the other-“I found a place near the high mountain.If we move there we can live safely without the fear of being drowned.”So he and his family moved to the new place and started living there.

His friend didn’t listened to him and continued to live near the river.In the next flood he lost his family and was left alone.He went to see his friend who now lives near the mountain. “Why it is always me? Why I have to suffer always? He asked his friend.

His friend said to him softly, “dear we are not born to suffer. We are born to live happily and peacefully. We are born to be successful. We are born to win. But we always think that we are born to suffer. It is only because of the choices we make that we continue to suffer”.

We tend to stick to our negative believes and conditioning that cause us to suffer.We can always choose what we think and keep within our minds. It is our thoughts that leads us to our happiness or suffering.We forget this and continue to suffer.

We were born with the potential to be happy and successful .We can consciously create our happiness and success focusing only on happiness and success.We attract what we focus on.If you focus on sufferings you will continue to attract more of it.

Believe that you are born to be happy and successful. When you believe it and make right choices about the factors that contribute towards your happiness, you can find happiness.

Remember you can’t find happiness by searching it outside. Don’t let your happiness be controlled by some one or something. The only person who can control it is you .

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