How to manifest love?

The law of attraction is also known as the law of vibration. We are energy, everything in this universe is also energy . The love you wish to manifest is also energy. In order to manifest love you must become a vibrational match to the energy of love. How can we do this?

This is so easy, because we have a lot of love within us long forgotten. We were created with a lot of love by our creator- God, the infinite field of potential or the universe. But we ignore this or forget this due to the experiences in the past .These experiences maybe from your parents, teacher’s, friends, partners or even siblings. These rejections leads to self-subotage,self rejections and self hate leaving you feeling unworthy and unloved.

You cannot attract or manifest love at a state of unworthiness and self hate. So ,how can we raise our energy of love?

1) Forgiveness:

Forgive your self for not loving your self so far. Before you sleep, say this in your mind:

I am sorry,I forgive you and I love you.

I forgive those who hurt me in the past and I love them.

2) Self love affirmations:

In the morning look into your mirror and practice saying this:

I love and appreciate myself.

I believe in myself.

I love myself for who I am.

I am worthy of love.

I am unique in my own ways and I am grateful for it.

I am attracting love into my life by loving myself.

3) Believe that you deserve love and the love you seek is already within you.

4) Feel the love and enjoy the love flowing into your life.

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