Book Review.

AUTHOR: Mitch Bensel

GENRE: Medical fiction

PUBLISHED ON:10 September 2018


The main character Jared Walker is a unique human being. But he thought of himself as a divorced loser. He worked as an emergency room tech. He was born with spiritual gifts and was also a spiritual healer.

He watched as they dropped the man’s right leg to the floor. Blood started to flow in an interesting way. Even though he enjoyed working in Emergency room, sometimes it turned out to be of screams, blood, death and stench.

He spends his leisure time on the beach watching the waves , which felt relaxing and removed any visuals of death. He felt a magic in the color of the waves.

He finds love in Jen after being lonely for a long time. But will they stay together or leave each other?


Time of death by Mitch Bensel is a great medical fiction. It is a great graphic content book and is a combination of realistic fiction, romance, miracles, ghosts and finding ones self worth and true love. I enjoyed reading this book. In chapter six a pregnant woman ,was brought to the trauma care after she lost control of her car and hit a pole.They managed to save her but she lost her twin babies ,it was really heart touching. The part where Jared lost his pet dog in his child hood was also heart touching. Even though the author took great care in explaining each medical terminology, he might have replaced it with common terms. I am giving a four star to this book , which is the first in the series and looking forward to read new book from the author.

RATING:4 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

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