How to regain your power?

We were born with the power, the power within us ;to think, feel and act the way we want to. But due to our external circumstances and experiences,we gave upon this power to external people and external things .We feel powerless in situations happening in our life. We forget about who we truly are and depends on others to feel happy.

This is how we can regain our power

1. Realize that you are important . No one or nothing external can overpower you unless you allow it.

2 .We love to be happy and positive, but what really happens when you find yourself in a negative situation ?

You start feeling negative emotions, right?Why is it so? It is because you are allowing it to take control over you.

In such situations ask your self

1.who is more important me or the situation?

2. How would I be feeling if this has not happened to me?

Yes, you would have felt happy, right? Then why are you still worrying about it. Let that be the way it is.

3.You can still decide to stay the way you felt before it happened in your life. Get back your power.

4.When ever you find yourself in a negative situation or a person misbehave with you remember, you are not going to give away your power to them. You can choose to feel the way you felt before they came into your life.

Say these words in your mind:

I forgive myself for giving away my power.

From now I know I am important and I will no longer allow anything external to over power me.

I know and I believe that I am important.

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