Book review: Korean road.

AUTHOR:Brian Scutt.

PUBLISHER: Self published.


The Korean road is a horror novella written by Brian Scutt. Alan a sixteen years old teenager’s search for a veteran in hope of getting a war story for his final scout badge leads him to Dick and this changed Alan’s life forever. The old man Dick turns out to be haunted by the memories of his life at the Warfront and the ghost of his friend Ronald whom he lost at the Korean Warfront. He and his friend Ronald were captivated and tortured by the enemies. He became a stranger to his wife Doris and son Ron after he returned from the Warfront. He had a devil hiding within him.

“The eyes were blue no more. They were black,deep like a void. She backed away with her head shaking, tears falling freely from her eyes. She no longer knew the gore covered man that stood before her.”

This is a realistic horror story written fantastically by Brian Scutt.This Self published novella is great and worth reading.


Publishing:1 🌟

Editing:1 🌟

Length: 1/2 🌟

Formatting:1 🌟

Total : 4 star 🌟 🌟🌟🌟

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