How to create the right mindset?

One of the greatest challenge that I faced while practicing the the law of attraction was creating the perfect mind set by removing negative self limiting believes from my mind.

So I am disclosing the secret method that worked for me .

1)Take a plain sheet of paper. Divide it into two equal halves. In the first half write down your limiting believes one by one.

Then take a red pen or marker and strike out the first one . At the same time say in your mind: “Thank you for serving me so far .I no longer need you ,so I let you go away from my life forever.”

Then go to the opposite column and write down the new positive affirmation replacing the old. While doing it,say in your mind: “I welcome the new positive beliefs coming into my life now and forever. Thank you.”

2)Once you finish this take another sheet of paper and write down all your negative believes,fold it and kiss a good bye and tear it into small pieces and throw it away.

3)From next day write down all your new believes on a daily basis until it is a part of you.

4)Write down all your new positive beliefs on a sheet of paper with a green marker and stick it somewhere you can always see it.

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