This is why I am a self love advocate.My true story.

I was bullied at school from kindergarten to fourth grade.I never got a chance to stand up against it.This experiences as a child was imprinted into my subconscious mind and made me very shy, introvert and I lacked self esteem and confidence.It led me to make several wrong choices in my life.I allowed people to walk all over me and never had the courage to stand up for myself.

It took me intense self love therapy to remove my subconscious blocks and negative believes.I practiced self love everyday without fail.

It was when I started to love myself things changed for me.I am now an advocate of self love.I believe that it is extremely important to teach self love in is important for them to love themselves to face the bullies and to stand up against it .

When I started to love myself

1.I became confident, smart and courageous.

2. I was able to stand up for my self and for others.

3.I never again allowed people to walk over me.

4.I was healed from my past wounds.

5.I felt worthy.

6.I felt confident.

7.I felt stronger and powerful.

Educating your children about self-love is extremely important.

Please teach your children to love themselves even before you send them to school.Because whatever is imprinted in their subconscious mind as children becomes their beliefs. Once they develop negative believes ,it is difficult to remove these believes.

Tell them every day these powerful words .Make them believe it,so that no matter what others say to them, they will know who they really are.

You are special.

You are unique.

You are smart.

You are enough.

You are you.

No matter what others say to you always be yourself and believe in your self.

Give them your love and support.I don’t want this to happen to any other children.Bullying is not just limited to schools.Cyber bullying and bullying at workplaces are also common.In these situations raise your voice against it and get help.

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