Power of Self love & power of appreciation story.

One day while returning back from work Mary saw a little girl sitting under a tree and crying.She asked her: dear child why are you crying? What’s the matter with you? Nobody at school likes me,no children in my neighborhood play with me.Their parents don’t send them to play with me because of this and showed her the warts on her hands and feet.They are afraid of getting this if they play with me.The girl said.”Where do you live?I will take you to your parents,be a brave girl , please stop crying”.The little girl stopped crying and showed the way to her home. Mary took her there.When they reached, her mother was already searching for her.”Where did you go dear child?” asked her mother.She went inside without saying anything.Her mother said sadly:”it is her habit to run away from home every now and then.We may some times have to search the entire place to find her.The warts on her body is due to an allergy and there is no treatment for it.Doctors said that it will go away on its own once she reaches ten years”.

On her way back home Mary’s thought was all about how she could help that little girl.She thought that entire week about it and came up with a plan.Everyday she bought a flower bouquet from a flower shop and send it to the girl.In that she wrote,dear Amy I like you because:

You are special.

You are beautiful.

You are amazing.

You are talented.

You are you.

Whenever Mary was free,she went to meet her and spend time with her.Slowly Amy started to love herself.When she started to love herself  and was confident and happier.She started to spend her time drawing beautiful pictures.Mary appreciated her for her beautiful drawings and encouraged her to draw more.She would even gift Amy with canvases and paint brushes.Amy never ran away from home again .Her pictures were beaming with life.She won the painting competition representing her school at state level and became a star.Soon many children became her friends.When she reached ten years her warts disappeared and she transformed into a beautiful girl.

Mary was  happy to make the girl love herself. She started her new job as a mental health counselor for bullied children.

To be successful in life you must ,

Be yourself,

Love yourself,

Forgive yourself,

Believe in yourself.

Appreciate everything and everyone, because your appreciation may bring a smile to someone’s face.

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