Transformation story

He sat in the old park bench.Children were running merrily around the park.He was so exhausted from today’s work.Instead of going home and taking a nap,what was he doing in the park?Mark lived in a small town.Tom was his neighbor.

Tom was a successful business man.He lived in a mansion and owned the most expensive cars.

Mark was employed in a private firm.His income was too low to live a normal life.He always looked at Tom’s house and told himself: look at me,how is my life?Look at my house ,how small it is? Look at Tom how rich and well settled he is?He always compared himself with Tom .So he always got more to compare & complain.His life remained a mess.

He was under severe anxiety and depression.

How can he improve his Life?

The following suggestions made his life better.

1. Focus more on himself than on others.

2.Never compare himself with others.

3.Be happy with who he was .

4.Forgive himself.

5.Believe in himself.

6.Love himself.

7.Be grateful.

This helped him be more happy, optimistic and opportunistic.

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