Reaching the top.

He climbed the mountain slowly but carefully.It was his 77th attempt to reach the top of the peak.The mountain stood so high touching the clouds, cold wind blowing softly bringing chills down his spine as he advanced towards it.

He was always fascinated by the beauty of the peak and dreamed of reaching the top one day.He was lame from an accident in his child hood.

People told him, you cannot climb up the mountain. The path was very slippery and rocky.During most of the times it would snow and was dangerous.Even a normal person can’t reach the peak easily.

Everytime he climbed he slipped, fell down and bruised himself.Sometimes he even broke his bones.

People laughed at him and told him he was crazy.But he never gave up.

He continued to climb inspite of his failures.Finally he was successful at his 77th attempt.He became the youngest and the first physically challenged person to climb that mountain.

Moral:It doesn’t matter how many times you failed, what really matters is how you succeed in the end.Sucess comes to those who don’t give upon their dreams despite of facing adversities.

Dream big,aim high and never ever give up on your dreams.You are not what others say, you become -who you believe to be and what you choose to be.

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