Good or Bad.

Haan and Saanu are twins.They were born and brought up in a city.Their parents were settled there.Their dad was from a remote village.

During school vacation their parents decided to send them to their dads village.They stayed there for a month and returned to the City.

Once they returned back their dad asked them ,how was your life in the village?

It was very boring.All the roads were muddy and full of potholes.There was no electricity most of the times.I couldn’t watch televisions or play video games.Whenever I tried to sleep or walked in the garden mosquitoes bite me ,Saanu said sadly.

Now it was Haans turn.He said,I love the life in the village.It was quite and peaceful.I could go out and play with other children.Grandpa took us for swimming and fishing in the river.I could pluck mangoes, guavas and plums from garden and eat them.I was very happy.I enjoyed my vacation.

This is the perception of two different individual in the same circumstance.

One of them was focused only on the bad and so his life felt miserable.

But on the other hand his brother focused on only the good.So he felt happy.

When you learn to focus only on the good things in any situation, your life will be happier.Where ever you go or what ever you do, always focus on the good side.

When ever you see something or find yourself in a situation, look for the good in it and focus your attention only on the good.

Look at your life right now and see all the good stuff you already have and focus on it and feel grateful for all the blessings you have right now.Maybe it is your family, job, home, food, clean water to drink or the education you got .

Focus only on whatever things that makes you happy.

This simple tip will help you stay happy and positive all day long.

You attract what you focus on.

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