A good gardener.

There was a beautiful garden near the slope of a hill.People from far off places came to visit this garden.The flowers in the garden were unique,rare and wonderful.

The garden belonged to Rohan.He was youthful and energetic.He always took care to select the best variety of seed’s to plant in his garden.He planted them in the garden with utmost care.

He watered them daily with out fail.Once they sprouts and starts to grow he would protect them from weeds and insect’s.

He plucked the weeds one by one as soon as they start to grow. So his garden remained beautiful .

We all are gardeners.The garden is our minds and the thoughts are seed’s that we plant.

We must take good care in selecting the thoughts that we plants in our garden.

Our thoughts are the seed’s for creating the life we desire.Pick the right seed to plant.Once you have planted the seeds you must water it daily.

If you just plant the seed and forget to water it, what will happen?It won’t grow into a plant.

Make your mind a beautiful garden of beautiful thoughts.

Positive affirmations and gratitude are like water for the seed’s you have planted.

So don’t forget to water it daily or else it won’t grow.Nourish it daily with positive emotions like love, kindness, generosity, empathy and gratitude.

Don’t forget to remove the weeds of hate, jealousy,fear, anxiety, regrets and remorse from the garden.

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