Are we born to suffer or to win?

There was a temple on the top of a hill.There were two roads to reach the temple.One was full of thorny bushes and was very narrow.The other was wide and easy but would take two days to reach there.

People travelled through the narrow road and got themselves hurt .But they continued to use it as they reached the temple in two hours.

After coming back from there people would complain.Why this is happening to us? Why it is always me? Why we have to go through this?Why we always suffer? Are we born to suffer?

Here they suffer because of the choice they make.

How many of you have thought like this at least once in this life?

Who is responsible for your suffering?

Is it because of the society we live?Is it because people are mean to us?Is it because it is our fate to suffer?

Do you believe that you were born to suffer?If you believe it,then you are ?

None of us were born to suffer.It is our negative believes and conditioning that makes us suffer.

We were all born to be winner’s.We were born to be happy and successful.But we suffer because of the choices we make.

We can choose to be happy and contented.We can choose love over hate.We can choose good over bad.We can choose kindness over cruelty.

Our thoughts are our tool’s to create the life of our choice.We were born with the power.The power given to us by the infinite field of potential or God or the Universe.The power of our thoughts.

But we often forget about this power bestowed upon us.You can do this with practice and patience.

Wipe away your tear’s.You are no longer going to suffer.You are not allowing others to mistreat you or walk over you.

You are regaining your power using positive thoughts and self love.

You are creating your own happiness.You don’t allow negative people or situations to drag you down any more.

Use the power of your thoughts to change your life.You don’t have to suffer anymore.

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