How to over come fear?

Your fear is your greatest enemy that stop you from chasing your dreams. Overcoming fear is essential to achieve your goals.

Everything in this universe is energy.What you fear will attract more of it to you.

People have many fears,the most important fears are

1)Fear of the unknown

2)Fear of being judged

3)Fear of loss

4)Fear of failure

5)Fear of disappointment

6)Fear of embarrassment

7)Fear of change

8) Fear of not being good enough

Stop over thinking about the outcome of your actions.Stop asking your self these questions:

What would happen if I do this?

What would others think about me?

What would I do if I fail in this?

Am I smart enough to do this?

What if I make some mistakes?

Believe in yourself.

Believe that you are capable of doing amazing things.

Remember ,you are more than enough.

You create your future, you have the ability to do it.

Give your best.Stay at your heighest vibration.

Circumstances in your life depends on your inner power, your ability to control your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

You have the power to break the bond of your fear.You are the co-creator of your reality.The universe will always match what you have created.

Embrace your failures.It dosen’t matter how many times you failed.What really matters is whether you quit doing or was able to start over again.

Everything is changing-the world is changing, seasons change, people change.Move out of your comfort zone and be ready to embrace the change.

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