Thought of the day.

“Let me take a break from this hectic schedule”,he told him self.He was busy travelling from one place to another.

His growth was not so easy.He was born as the youngest son of a shopkeeper.His father died when he was born.His mother got remarried. He and his elder siblings were raised by his grandparents.

His grandfather was a farmer.So he and his brothers would help him at the farm.

At school he failed in all the exams.He was later diagnosed with dyslexia.So he had to leave his school at very early stage.

He joined his grandfather while his brothers went to school.His grandmother was a good woman and she encouraged him to read moral and inspirational stories , magazines and newspapers.

His friends ,neighbors and brother’s made fun of him and bullied him.They called him a looser and laughed at him.

He would cry and go to his grandmother for comfort.She consoled him with her kind words.She would say to him,dear child please remember,”you are not what other people tell you-you are who you think you are.”You are born with your power-the power within you,the power of your thoughts and beliefs.Always believe in yourself and be kind to yourself and others.Be grateful to God for this life you got.”

His grandmother’s word’s comforted him and encouraged him to move forward with

1)hard work and dedication.

2) optimism

3) Trust

4) Faith

5)Self love

6) Motivation

7) Self belief


While others were busy sleeping he would read his brother’s books with dedication.He wrote what he learned in a note book and would record it in a tape and would listen to it while working in the farm yard.

Finally he graduated in genetic engineering and was successful in developing new variety of plants with better yield.

He won several award’s and became very famous.

Moral:You are who you think you are, not what other people say.Always be worthy of yourself, love yourself and believe in yourself.The only person you have to prove yourself is you.

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