Feeling thankful

Dear God I thank you for keeping the people of Kerala safe each and every day.

I thank you God for providing conditions favorable for rescue operations.

Thank you for protecting all from the floods.

Heavy floods in Kerala is now a national disaster as the death toll reached 171.

It is the time to stand together as one nation.It is a matter of life and death.Please don’t use this for political gains.

Both Central and state government are doing a great job saving many.

I take this occasion to thank the President and the Prime Minister of India for sending rescue teams to Kerala.

I thank the Chief minister of Kerala for doing a great job during the flooding to keep our families safe and sound.

I thank the rescue members of Indian Navy,coast guards, Air Force, Army,NDRF team and Fire and rescue department for playing an active role in the rescue operations and saving many lives.

I thank all the fisherman who volunteered with their boat’s for the rescue operations.

More than 38,000 lives have been saved yesterday.

I extend my whole hearted thanks to all who volunteered in the rescue operations. Without your help many would have lost their loved ones.


I also thank all the media activists for sharing valuable information with people and helping in proper coordination of rescue operations to reach more people.

I thank all the district collector’s,police officer’s ,taluk and village officers also for your help and support.

I extend my thanks to people who are donating generously to chief minister flood relief fund and those who are providing local support to the flood relief camps.

I thank all my fellow Indian’s those who risked their own lives for taking timely actions to save many lives.

You have done a great job by saving as many lives as you can.

You are the real life heros.

A big salute to all of you for keeping everyone safe during the Kerala flooding.

Those who are saved,please bear with any inconveniences as there are many who still need to be rescued.

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