Floods in Kerala

Kerala’ God’s Own country ‘ the southern most state of lndia is experiencing one of the worst flooding in it’s history. The situation is getting worse minute by minute.The rain is still rattling around the state.With 33 dams opened,water level is raising steeply.People are being alerted by police to leave their homes and to go to safe places.But many are there still waiting at their homes.Please be aware that the situation is not under control.We have never experienced a flood like this before.So leave your home as soon as you are asked to leave.We have never been in this situation.Please corporate with the authorities and move to higher and safer locations.Move to your nearest flood relief camps.Take your certificates and valuable documents.Pack your bags with emergency supplies like torches,salt sugar, blankets, dried foods, biscuits,milk powder if you have babies.Don’t try to stay alone at your home even if it is multi storied.Once the area is completely flooded the rescue workers can’t reach you.Stay alert and safe. Your safety is in your

hands.Remember your life is most valuable.Please cooperate with our government for your own safety.Don’t think that you can handle it alone.Don’t take chance’s with your own life.Please listen to the local authorities and do as they say.

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