There’s no attraction without action.

Have you ever felt like the law of attraction is not working in your favor?If so, the only thing that is blocking you is your lack of action.

You must take the necessary action to change your mind set.It is not that easy to change what is imprinted in your subconcious mind.In order to make it happen, you must work hard with dedication,faith and belief .

Whatever your limiting believe’s are write it down and replace it with new positive beliefs, not just one day or one week or one month.Do it as long as it takes to create the perfect mindset.Because creating the right mind set is the most important part of your manifestations.If you fail at this point, you will fail at the other steps.Once you have created the right mindset move on to the next steps.

Write down everyday your new believe’s.Write down everyday the things you wish to manifest.Every day before you sleep fill your gratitude journal without fail.

You can call it the basic lesson of law of attraction.

Write down your each and every single goals and intentions.Not just once but on a daily basis over and over again.If you know what you want, write it down and see getting it in your mind.There is a power in writing.

When you write, please write it in present tense using” I am “or” l have”. When you write ,your subconcious mind takes it as a command.

If you know your desires and write it down on a daily basis it will come to you.Good luck!!!!

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