You were born a masterpiece.

Each one of us is a masterpiece of God.We were born unique with our unique gifts and talents.But we forget this and die living a copy of someone else.

We compare ourselves to those around us.We try to copy them.We stop looking at us.We keep forgetting who we really are.We challenge ourselves with the task of living someone else’s life.

Take time to reflect into who you really are.Ask your self ,why am I born here? What is that unique thing that I can only do? What is that makes me different from others? Embrace your uniqueness.Love yourself and your gifts.Make yourself responsible for your life.Don’t complain or put blame on others for the things happening in your life.Be the change that you want to see in this world.The change begins from you.Change the way you see your self.Change the way you think.Change the way you look at others.Change the way you respond to people and situations.Be bold enough to stand up for yourself.

You will never know how much you can do in this world unless you believe in yourself.You were born to be special.Always believe in yourself.Have faith in who you truly are.

No matter how much you have suffered in the past,no matter how people let down you,no matter what others have done to you,no matter what others have told you, no matter how many times you failed,let it all go.Let go of your past.Live in the present.Love yourself for who you are becoming.Transform your life.

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