The perfect choice

Law Of attraction is always working in our life.So ,why can’t you just use it in your favor?You have always been given the liberty to choose the things you wish to attract into your life.

If you are given an option to choose between a basket of sweet smelling flowers and a basket of heavy stones to carry on your head, what would you choose?

Of course you will choose the basket of flowers.Why? Because they are easy to carry, right?But when it comes to the choice of the things we carry in our mind why do we always fail?

We often burden our minds with heavy stones of our past mistakes, failures, sadness,fears, anxiety, jealousy and other negative emotions while we can choose to fill it with sweet smelling flowers of love, kindness, gratitude, happiness, generosity.

You always can choose between the things you can attract:

Happiness or sadness

Courage or fear

Good or bad

Kindness or cruelty

Jealousy or admiration

Failure or success

Prosperity or poverty

Abundance or lack

Friendship or enemity

Love or hate

Positive or negative

You always attract what you focus with your mind.Be wise enough to select the things you wish to attract and keep it close to your heart.

When you always have the right to choose between happiness, kindness, love, sadness, jealousy,hate, love, good and bad,why most of us fail to make the right choice.

Negative situations always occurs but you can either let it stay with you or let them go and replace it with the things you love to attract.Like attracts like.

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