True gift.

Have you noticed young children 2-3 year old?They are very innocent.Everytime they do something they look up to your face.They look for appreciation.When you clap your hands and appreciate them,they are very happy.Parents who appreciate their child’s talents and spend time with them are helping them grow up confident.

Even though we are grown up ,we still crave love and appreciation.But people are too busy to notice your talents.Some are too mean to judge you.

So always find time to appreciate your self for your talents, achievements and hard work. Because when you appreciate yourself it boost your confidence.

When you do something never do it for appreciation from others.Do it because it is your passion.

When you do something for appreciation from others and they fail to do it, you will be disappointed.

Disappointment leads to discouragement and lack of enthusiasm.Once you are successful in your venture people will automatically come to you.Keep riding your horse in the right direction even if nobody is watching you.

Disappointment is a negative emotion and once you succumb to it , you attract more.So let go of it.

Appreciate everything.Appreciation is a positive mental attitude and it will attract more positive things.

Always appreciate yourself, people around you, your blessings and everything good in this universe.Find time everyday to see and appreciate the good in you and the good around you.

Appreciate each and every blessings you have received so far.Continue to receive more.

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