Are you open to receive??

Always be open to receive. It is important for you to emotionally prepare your self to receive your manifestations.

Everything you need is already here in this universe waiting to come to you.

It will come to you only when you truly believe that you deserve it by completely open to receive it.

In order for the law of attraction to work for you, you must let go of the things that no longer serve you and be open to receive new things.

For instance you like to receive large sums of money, but you have limiting believe’s about money like making money is not easy or you doubt that how you are going to get that money? You are not open to receive.You are not trusting the process and you don’t have faith.

You are manifesting love but you can’t stop from asking your self, whether they will love me?or I don’t deserve to be loved or how they are going to love me?0 then you are doomed.

You are manifesting your dream job but your mind tells you,hey you are not capable of doing it or you don’t deserve it,or how you are going to get it, you are not ready to let go, so you are not going to receive.

How long have you been waiting for your manifestations to come true? Change your mind to receive, tell your self daily “yes I am always open to recieve my manifestations”.I am truly grateful to receive it.”I truly deserve to manifest my desires.

I am open to receive miracles.

I am open to receive my new job.

I am open to receive financial abundance.

I am open to receive success.

I am open to receive good health.

I am open to receive new opportunities.

I am open to receive happiness and joy.

I am open to recieve love.

I am open to receive blessings.

I am open to receive positive vibes.

Always have faith.Trust the process.Let go of your limiting believe’s and negative self talk.Be open and grateful to receive.

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