Real life lesson’s

If I have known this earlier, life would have been much better.There are two categories of things in our life

1.Things we can control.

2.Things we can’t control.

If we learn this life will not be the same again.Most of our worries are the result of trying to control the things we can’t actually control.

Knowing this will help you to change the way you respond to it.This will help you to remain calm and positive in negative situations.

List of things you can control:

1.Your thoughts

2.Your actions

3.Your word’s

4.Your attitude

5.Your behavior

6.Your spendings

7.Hour’s you sleep

8.Your savings

9.Your productivity

10.Hour’s you work

List of things you can’t control

1.Other people

2.Other people’s opinion

3. Other people’s actions

4.Other people’s attitude

5.How others value you

6.How long you will live


8.Things happening in your life

9.Natural calamities

10.Other people’s love

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