Are you over doing ????

There are certain things in our life that we are over doing.With little effort you can stop over and enjoy the beauty of your life.

1.Over eating- When you over eat you will gain weight.Obesity is the leading cause of diabetes and heart attack.

Next time when you see your favorite meal, take a small portion and walk away.You can control how, what ,when and how much you eat.

2.Over thinking:It is the leading cause of anxiety.People tends to worry over things on which they don’t have any control.

There are certain things in our life on which we have little control.Let go of your worries,sit back relax and know that everything is happening as per the divine plan.

3.Over reacting:How will you react to a particular situation?Do you yell at your partner for their mistakes?Do you spend a whole weekend cursing your self for your negligence?

Overreacting is not a solution to a problem.Take time and relax before you react.

4.Over fearing:Suppose you made a serious mistake,do you spend your entire life fearing the consequences?

You always wanted to do something different,but never did it fearing the judgement from others.

Learn to master your greatest fear.Fear is caused by ignorance.Replace your fear with self love and kindness.

5.Over Independence: You think that you can do everything by your self and don’t ask for help.

We as humans are social beings.There are certain things that you can’t do alone.Get help.Ask for advice.

6.Over dependence: Do you find it difficult to take even the smallest decision by your self?Then you are seriously over dependent.

7.Over spending: You don’t have anything left with you in the month end.You spend every single penny you earn.

Start saving today for a better tomorrow. Save at least 20 percentage of your earnings each month.

8.Over controlling: Are you some one who wants to control every single things happening in your life?Then you are overdoing it.

9.Over speeding: Leading cause of road accidents.Next time before you speed your car think about your loved ones waiting for you.

10.Over caring: spend their entire life caring for people who don’t care for you and forget to take care of yourself.

Which category do you belong?

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