Month: August 2018

Reaching the top.

He climbed the mountain slowly but carefully.It was his 77th attempt to reach the top of the peak.The mountain stood so high touching the clouds, cold wind blowing softly bringing chills down his spine as he advanced towards it. He was always fascinated by the beauty of the peak and dreamed of reaching the top …

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Good or Bad.

Haan and Saanu are twins.They were born and brought up in a city.Their parents were settled there.Their dad was from a remote village. During school vacation their parents decided to send them to their dads village.They stayed there for a month and returned to the City. Once they returned back their dad asked them ,how …

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A good gardener.

There was a beautiful garden near the slope of a hill.People from far off places came to visit this garden.The flowers in the garden were unique,rare and wonderful. The garden belonged to Rohan.He was youthful and energetic.He always took care to select the best variety of seed’s to plant in his garden.He planted them in …

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Are we born to suffer or to win?

There was a temple on the top of a hill.There were two roads to reach the temple.One was full of thorny bushes and was very narrow.The other was wide and easy but would take two days to reach there. People travelled through the narrow road and got themselves hurt .But they continued to use it …

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How to over come fear?

Your fear is your greatest enemy that stop you from chasing your dreams. Overcoming fear is essential to achieve your goals. Everything in this universe is energy.What you fear will attract more of it to you. People have many fears,the most important fears are 1)Fear of the unknown 2)Fear of being judged 3)Fear of loss …

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Thought of the day.

“Let me take a break from this hectic schedule”,he told him self.He was busy travelling from one place to another. His growth was not so easy.He was born as the youngest son of a shopkeeper.His father died when he was born.His mother got remarried. He and his elder siblings were raised by his grandparents. His …

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Feeling thankful

Dear God I thank you for keeping the people of Kerala safe each and every day. I thank you God for providing conditions favorable for rescue operations. Thank you for protecting all from the floods. Heavy floods in Kerala is now a national disaster as the death toll reached 171. It is the time to …

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Floods in Kerala

Kerala’ God’s Own country ‘ the southern most state of lndia is experiencing one of the worst flooding in it’s history. The situation is getting worse minute by minute.The rain is still rattling around the state.With 33 dams opened,water level is raising steeply.People are being alerted by police to leave their homes and to go …

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There’s no attraction without action.

Have you ever felt like the law of attraction is not working in your favor?If so, the only thing that is blocking you is your lack of action. You must take the necessary action to change your mind set.It is not that easy to change what is imprinted in your subconcious mind.In order to make …

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