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When we learn to control our thoughts and beliefs we become the master of our lives.It is important to focus on what you think because thoughts transforms to things.Do these things daily to transforms your destiny.

1.Make yourself comfortable with who you are.

First you should know who you really are. Identify your strength and weakness.Know that you are more than enough.Maybe you are fat.May be you have disabilities.Maybe you are weak.Maybe you are not very good in studies.But never ever feel intimidated.You are special in your own way.No matter what others think or say, you are what you think of yourself or you become who you think you are.Never underestimate your potential.

2.Be kind and gentle .

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”.-Mark Twain

Always be kind to those around you.Never hurt someone knowingly.Be kind to yourself because you have gone through a lot of troubles. Don’t allow negative situations to take over your mind.

Whenever a negative thought creeps in  write it down and replace it with three positive outcomes.

3.Focus on self improvement:

Always find time to enrich your knowledge.Stop learning equal stop progressing.Education is not just about grade’s.It is about empowering your self to be a value in the life of someone.

Everyday read some inspirational books or stories.Listen to some motivational speakers like Lisa Nichols or Jay Shetty.

4.Spend time to heal your mind and body.

In order to heal your self from your past mistakes spend some time meditating everyday.While you meditate say to yourself:”I forgive myself for my mistakes”I am sorry, please  forgive me”.”I forgive those who hurt me and I love them.”

5.Stay healthy:

Our body is the temple of our soul.Exercise everyday .Eat healthy and nourishing food.Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Remember-A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Stay away from smoking and alcohol.You are 100 percent responsible for your well-being and your life.Don’t try to take life too serious.Some times the best thing to do is to just sit back relax and let it take it’s own course.



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