Always focus on the good side.

Manu lived in a village.The life of people in the village was not easy.There were no proper infrastructure. There were not many good schools in his village. There was only one school in the locality .He used to walk through the muddy roads to reach the school during the rainy season .But he never took a single leave from the school while most of the kids skipped the school. Inorder to quench his thirst for knowledge he would walk several miles to visit the public library to read books and news papers.

It was the only place where he could get a newspaper to read.He would even skip his lunch and sit there educating himself on several topics.

There were no televisions or radios or mobile phones.Finally he became the only person from his village who got admission in a college in the city.

Even though his parents were not very rich they sent him to college.One day his friends came to visit his parents.

They were astonished on reaching Manu’s village.How come you survive in this place?No proper roads,no entertainment,one of them asked.

“I focused only on the good things my village can offer.I always felt myself blessed to have at least one school in the village.We are blessed with greenery all around.We can play outdoor.Everymorning I wake up feeling grateful to be alive and look forward to do my duties.There are children around the world who don’t have enough food to eat, clean water to drink or schools.I felt myself to be more than enough lucky to have my home, parents, good food,water, school and education.I focused only on good things in my life.So I was blessed to have more good things. I wish to share my blessings with underprivileged children in my village.”Manu said and continue to show them around the village.

His friends were convinced by Manu’s word’s.They felt proud and lucky to have him as their friend.

On finishing his graduation he started a school in his village with the help of his friends.

The universe always support those who see good in everything.We get what we focus on.If we focus on happiness we attract more of it.lf we focus bon abundance we attract more of abundance.So always focus on good things.

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