A rainy day

Now I am on vacation in India.There have been heavy rain since two days.Now all the roads are flooded .Trains are delayed due to the flooding of tracks. There was no electricity for two days.No water in the taps.We have to go out in the rain and draw water from the well.No gadgets.Mosquito attacks.No good night sleep. First it seemed very difficult to cope up with the situation.Then I started to think of it as an opportunity to reflect upon all the blessings we forget in our lives.We were truly blessed to have electricity. All the gadgets we use need it to function.Even our food can’t be cooked properly with out it.Waterpurifiers don’t work.We have to boil water.We were lucky to have our cooking gas.We could at least cook something to eat.A rainy day,a flood or a natural calamity is a reminder of how blessed we are really.As humans we have a tendency to take our blessings for granted.I focused on being grateful for helping us survive the rainy days.I thought of it as a learning experience.

Today electricity is back.Rain seems to be gone for a while.Thank God for another beautiful day.Sipping on my cup of coffee.

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