Random act of kindness

Maya lost her parents as a child.She lived with her grandma.She was left alone when her grandmother died.Her fiancee left her because she was an orphan.She felt hopeless and worthless.She even thought about ending her life.

This little boy lived with his mother in her neighborhood.One day he came to her house asking for something to eat.She gave him whatever was left for the day.

From his looks she understood that he have been starving.His father left his mother when he was a baby.

His mother used to do household work’s in the neighborhood to make a living.

Now she fell ill and was not able to go to work anymore.

She decided to help that family.She brought grocery and cooked food for the boy and his mother.She send the boy to school.

This made her happy.This made her feel worthy.She forgot about her loses and started loving her life.

Random act of kindness not only makes you feel better but also helps to bring a change in your life .It makes both the giver and recipients happy.

Everyday look around you and find an opportunity to help someone in need.Live your life on purpose.Keep smiling because your smile is going to make some one happy.

Be a value in someone else’s life.Use your life to bring hope to others.Live each moment with gratitude and appreciation.

Help someone without expecting anything.Univese support those who help others because helping others is actually helping ourselves.

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