What do you think is luck?Is getting that dream job, house or car, luck?Is travelling around the whole world luck? Who according to you is the luckiest person? Have you ever felt that you are not lucky?

All of us are lucky.We all have the same power or right to be lucky.Each one of us is lucky, when we believe that we are lucky.We are what we believe.We becomes who we believe we are.

Believe that you are the luckiest person ever to be born.

When you hear about someone who made a great deal of money from a new business or new idea feel happy for them.Appreciate them for their success instead of feeling jealous.

When you have the mindset to appreciate it, you are inviting good things into your life.You are unknowingly raising your vibration to attract more luck into your life.

Universe love those who believe in themselves and those who are generous at their thoughts.

Feel lucky to be alive.Feel lucky for the food in your plate. Feel lucky for the roof over your head.Feel lucky for everything you have in your life right now.

Fill your mind with gratitude. Gratitude is the best way to feel your luck.

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