Positive and negative thinking.

You wake up in the morning and went to kitchen.You were dying to have a cup of coffee . You switched on the coffee maker.It is not working.How will you react? You have two options:

1.Curse yourself and the kettle.Say to yourself”why this is happening happening to me?” Worry and spoil the day.

2.Prepare coffee using another option.

You planned a picnic with your friends and was eagerly waiting for it the whole week.There was heavy rain on the day of picnic.How will you react?Here also you have two options.

1.Make a fuzz.Why this is always so when I plan something? you start worrying over it.

2.You will sit peacefully at your home.You will think of it as something good that you don’t understand.

You attended an important job interview but was not selected.What will you do?

1.Blame your self for missing the opportunity.Think of yourself as not worthy.Feels that you are not good enough.Some will even blame the employer for not selecting them.

2.Let it go.Think that there is something better waiting for you at the horizon.

Life may not be easy for you but you can be easy on life.A situation is just a perception.It is about how you view it.

If you view it as a problem it will always be a problem.There are certain things in life on which you have little control.

It is only when you declare it to be a problem it becomes so.otherwise it is just a situation in our lives.

It is how you think,feel or speak about it makes it so.Change how you think,feel or speak about it.

Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.

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