Do you judge a person by his looks?

Don’t judge a person by his looks.Each one has a story of their own.We don’t know what pain they are going through.

A person speeding in his car maybe going to see his or her dear ones breathing their last breath.

A person hurriedly crossing the street maybe late for his exams, appointment or interview.

We went to ATM to withdraw money.There was not enough fund in the first one.We noticed a person who rushed past us to the A TM.He seemed to be in a hurry.He was not ready to follow the queue.

We moved to the next ATM.This person also came there.He almost knocked my friend down.

My husband said to him,”hey,why can’t you just wait for your turn?We have been watching you since the first ATM machine.”

“I need to withdraw money to pay for the emergency surgery of my mother.I am really sorry about this incident”.Saying this he ran towards his car parked besides the pavement.

We learned an important lesson that day.

We don’t have the right to judge some one. Don’t waste your time judging others.Invest this time to help someone in need . Invest it for personal growth.

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