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Is failure killing your dreams ?

via Is failure killing your dreams ?

Is failure killing your dreams ?

Are you someone who failed in almost everything you did?Have you failed in exams ,job interviews, business or romance?Are your past failures still nagging you?Then now it is time for you to let go of your failures. Failure is now powerless.When you look back into your life you can realize that failures where not actually …

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Conscious creation

Living a happy , peaceful and prosperous life is the dream of each and everyone of us.But how many of you believe that it is your birthright?Yes , inorder to live your dreams , you should first believe that you deserve it.You love to live a good life but you keep doubting whether you deserve …

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Helping hands

Yesterday I met a woman while travelling.She was very special .She was very charming and attractive.One thing I can’t forget about her is that she had no hand’s.We had a short conversation.During the conversation I understood that she was born without both hand’s. She draws beautiful pictures using her feet.She writes poems and sang beautifully.She …

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Master your own destiny.

When we learn to control our thoughts and beliefs we become the master of our lives.It is important to focus on what you think because thoughts transforms to things.Do these things daily to transforms your destiny. 1.Make yourself comfortable with who you are. First you should know who you really are. Identify your strength and …

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Always focus on the good side.

Manu lived in a village.The life of people in the village was not easy.There were no proper infrastructure. There were not many good schools in his village. There was only one school in the locality .He used to walk through the muddy roads to reach the school during the rainy season .But he never took …

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A rainy day

Now I am on vacation in India.There have been heavy rain since two days.Now all the roads are flooded .Trains are delayed due to the flooding of tracks. There was no electricity for two days.No water in the taps.We have to go out in the rain and draw water from the well.No gadgets.Mosquito attacks.No good …

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Random act of kindness

Maya lost her parents as a child.She lived with her grandma.She was left alone when her grandmother died.Her fiancee left her because she was an orphan.She felt hopeless and worthless.She even thought about ending her life. This little boy lived with his mother in her neighborhood.One day he came to her house asking for something …

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What do you think is luck?Is getting that dream job, house or car, luck?Is travelling around the whole world luck? Who according to you is the luckiest person? Have you ever felt that you are not lucky? All of us are lucky.We all have the same power or right to be lucky.Each one of us …

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Simple reminders

Each day is a gift from God. Be grateful and don’t forget to love yourself because: 1.You are worthy. 2.You are enough. 3.You are powerful. 4.You are amazing. 5.You are talented. 6.You are a perfect child of God. 7.You are always provided for. 8.You are always protected. 9.Abundance and prosperity are your divine birthrights. 10.You …

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