My friend had to attend an important interview. She was really excited about it. She told me it was really important for her to attend the interview. It was her dream job. She was travelling by train. She booked her ticket in advance.
It was a rainy day. There was unusually high traffic on the road. Even though she left her home early she was 5 minutes late. When she reached the railway station the train has left. She called me and complained about, how she was late and how she missed her train. She seemed really frustrated about missing her dream job. I tried to cheer her up. I said to her, “Dear Shalu it is okay, if you missed this opportunity, you will get a better one.”But she was angry at me.She disconnected the phone.When I tried to call her back she didn’t answer.
Later that evening there was a breaking news in the television. The train she missed met with an accident. Several people died and many were injured. She called me and said sorry.
This is how universe saved her for something better. When we miss some opportunities in our life, we think that it is really bad. But it is not so. Every time something does not go in your favor or does not end up as you think, negative thoughts creep into your mind.
Look back into things that you missed or failed in the past. You will realize that it was just a situation that was not good for you. The universe was actually trying to save you for something better and amazing.
When something negative happens think about the best positive outcome to you from that situation. Whenever you find yourself in a negative situation teach your mind to remain calm. Teach your mind to see good in everything .Always keep your thoughts high and positive.Try not to control everything in your life. Leave it to the universe. Whenever something negative happen, remain calm and let the universe handle it for you. Try to find good in everything and every situation.

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