1. Let go of past. (You cannot change it.)
2. Let go of mistakes. (You are punishing yourself.)
3. Let go of ego. (It stops you from doing great things.)
4. Let go of worries. (It no longer serves you.)
5. Let go of self hate. (It is like slow poison.)
6. Let go of negative people. (They will drain your energy.)
7. Let go of negative self talk. (Hinder your personal growth.)
8. Let go of addictions. (You are harming yourself.)
9. Let go of failures. (It is stopping you from flying high.)
10. Let go of limiting believes. (It is stopping you from greatness.)
11. Let go of the fear of unknown. (It is stopping you from chasing your dreams.)
12. Let go of self doubt. (It is stopping you from success.)

When you let go of the things that no longer serve you, you will feel relaxed .You will be happy and peaceful. When you are happy, your energy/vibration is high. You will attract more good things into your life.

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