She sat alone in the deserted office. She was working late today too. Everyone else left at 5 O clock. “Maybe I can finish this in another hour “; she thought .It was only a year since she joined there. She was the junior accountant. She was very smart and enthusiastic .So she learned everything within a short time span. Everyone appreciated her. They told her that she was smart and hard working.
She felt very happy and thought everyone at the office liked her. Then things began to take a different turn. Her colleagues at the office and seniors began to dump their work load on her table in addition to her normal work load. While she worked hard to finish her work, they enjoyed reading magazines, gossiping and chatting on telephone.
She never said no to them and continued to work hard .She thought it was important to please everyone to continue in that job. When she reached home she was very tired and frustrated. She hoped for the situation to change .She thought that someone would help her get out of this situation. But nothing happened.
Finally she realized that if she won’t speak up for herself, no one is going to help her. How many of us are like her? We give more importance to please others than to take care of our self. She was taking more responsibilities than she could handle in order to please others. If we don’t say no to people who take us for granted our life will become a misery. If we live to please others, we would always be victims. It is only we, who are responsible for our life situations. Learn to say” no” politely without hurting anyone. She could say: “I can’t do it right now because I have other work to do.”Learn to be assertive not aggressive.
Moral: Your life is 100% your responsibility. You are the one who teaches others how to love and respect you. You will never be a victim unless you choose to be. Learn to say “no” to people and situations that don’t value you.

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