She left school early. It was 3 ‘O’ clock in the evening. She went home and packed her bag. She left home in a hurry. Her parents would be back from work at 5 ‘O’ clock. Deepa stood at the bus stop waiting for someone.
She waited impatiently. After one hour a handsome looking young man came there. She left with him in a taxi.
Deepa was an average looking girl. She was not so good at studies. Her parents always compared her with her friends. Whenever she got her report card, her mother would say: “look at your friend Preethi she got 100 out of 100 for all subjects, look at other children at school they all got better marks than you”. “Why are you going to school? To study? Or to have fun? You are not good for anything.” They never complimented her.
She lost her confidence .She started comparing herself with others. She told herself. I am not good enough. I am not good in studies. I am not beautiful.
Every day she met this young man on her way to school. He would smile at her. First she didn’t look at him and ignored him. He followed her daily and talked with her. He complimented her and told her how beautiful she was. She was flattered .No one ever told her that she was beautiful.
She smiled back at him and started talking with him. One day he told him that he loved her and they would run away to a far place. So she eloped with him.
This is just one example. If we don’t teach our children self-love  and self care, they may fall into false friendships. These friendships may lead them to alcohol or drug abuse.

Never compare your child with others. Each one of them is unique. Appreciate them for every single achievement and tell them that they are more than enough. If they are not good at studies, they may be good at something else. Identify their talent and encourage them. Always teach them to love themselves and appreciate themselves and take care of themselves. Remind them that they are the best. If you don’t teach them this they may fall prey to false people out there.

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