“Hey Sheethal, how are you going to celebrate this Valentine’s Day?” Ravi asked. Everyone at the office joined him. They were all making plans for the Valentine’s Day. All of them were busy buying gifts, booking tickets for travel, ordering flowers.
Sheethal said: “Hey guys I am going to celebrate this valentine day by loving myself. I will buy flowers and gifts for myself, go to the beach and build sand castle and eat my favorite dinner”. They were surprised hearing her answer. They thought that she was joking.
She set the alarm for 5.30 am. It was Sunday and Valentine’s Day. She had some plans. Before she opened her eyes she thanked God for another beautiful day. She meditated for 5 minutes and went to kitchen and drank a glass of pure water. She knew that drinking a glass of pure water on an empty stomach is good for health. She sat down at her study and filled her gratitude journal. She went to the balcony and exercised for 15 minutes,
She was ready by 8.30 am. She put on her favorite red dress that she wears only on special occasions. She wore a pair of matching necklace and earrings. She looked herself in the mirror and told herself.  “Wow, I look so stunning in this dress. I love myself. I am beautiful. I am amazing. I am talented. I am unique. I am me.”

She left her apartment and got into her car and drove to the nearby flower shop. She bought a bunch of roses for herself. She went to the beach, sat there and enjoyed the fresh sea breeze. She left to the nearby shopping mall and brought some gifts. She bought sweets from the nearby sweet shop and left for nearby orphanage. She was a regular visitor there. She distributed that sweets and gifts among the children. She sat there watching them play.

She had her lunch from a nearby restaurant and left for a movie. After the movie she joined her family for dinner. She felt very rejuvenated back home. “What a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day”.  She thought before retiring to bed.

Each day is a valentine’s day. Celebrate each day loving yourself. Don’t just wait for Valentine’s day. Take care of yourself and find time to do things that make you happy.

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