We all know the story of Sir Isaac Newton. He discovered the Law of gravity .Have you ever thought why it is only he who discovered gravity. Gravity was always here from the beginning of this universe .But no one knew about it. Why? They were following what was told to them by others. They were blindly following the society.
It was only Isaac Newton who thought why the apple was not going up instead of falling down on his head? What about us? Are we following the crowd? Or thinking and doing something different. At schools we mugged up the notebooks and readers write it down in the answer sheets and scored our grades. That is what our education system is doing. One who don’t do this will either fail in the exams or got poor grades. So we were all conditioned from our childhood to follow the crowd.
No extracurricular activity. No thinking outside the box. Spend entire childhood in front of text books and tuitions.
Look into the life of the successful people. They were not the one with the high academic scores. They are the one who thought different from others. They spend their time reading not just academic books. They have a vast knowledge about almost everything they wanted to know. They spend time educating themselves. They maybe school or college drop outs .But they pursued their passion. They developed the skills that was most essential to build their dream successfully .They believed in themselves and their potential.
Even if you want to do something that other people are doing, if you want to be successful try doing it in a much different way. Think different .If you have an idea about something ,Think about how differently you can do it .This different way of doing it makes you successful.

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