Signs that your manifestations are on its way.

Repeating numbers: You start seeing repeating numbers on a daily basis. Universe cannot speak to us directly, the way universe communicate is through numbers. Once you start practicing Law of Attraction, you will start seeing these numbers 00 000 0000,11,111,1111.22,222,2222,33 333 333,44 444 444,55 555 555,66 666 6666,77 777 7777,88 888 8888……….

You may sometimes wake up at night and see that the time is 11:11or 4:44, 3:33. Don’t think that it is coincidence, it is surely a sign from the universe. You may see these numbers on the license plate of a car or in news paper advertisements, television, flexes, sign boards or bank statements.

Whenever you see these numbers say thank you universe for manifesting your desires even before receiving it.
Coincidences: If you are manifesting money you will start seeing pennies or coins lying on the floor. Don’t hesitate to pick them up . Because the universe is testing you, whether you are really desiring and ready to receive money in your life.
If you are manifesting a particular car or house or mobile then you will start suddenly noticing the pictures of that particular car, different colors, models, or you may see people driving that car. The universe is asking you are you sure you desire this car or you desire to have something better.
If you are manifesting a particular person you will start his /her names where ever you go. It is a good sign from the universe.

Coincidences happen when you are manifesting a job. You will be at the right place at the right time. Opportunities come to you.
Feeling powerful: Your mind will be sharp. You feel  your confidence  growing. You don’t care what other people think about you . You have the confidence to overcome any obstacles.
Feeling energetic: You always feel energy flowing through your body, however hard you are working you won’t feel hungry very often. This is because the energy of universe is flowing through you and you can’t go to sleep at night, you never feels tired.
Small manifestations happen faster: You will see that your small intentions are coming true faster. If you desire  a pizza someone will buy it for you. You  gets a free parking space in a crowded area.

Whatever small things you desire in your mind will come to you one by one. Everything will happen to you faster.One after other everything is speeding up for you. Feel grateful for all that you receive from the Universe.


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