Why is it important to stop caring what others think about you?

“I love to sing but my voice is not good. What if someone laugh when I sing? What if they make fun of me? It is better not to sing”. Maya told herself and sat on the chair. Becoming a singer was her dream. She was ready to give up on her dream just because she thought other people will laugh at her.
Most of us have the same fear; we want to do something different, something that we always loved to do. We stop doing it because we care so much about what others will think or say about us.
Whenever you find courage and decide to move forward, you hear that inner voice telling you to stop.
Stop listening to that voice. Replace it with positive affirmations:
“I am doing what I love to do.”
“I don’t care what others think or say about me.”
“The opinion of others is not going to stop me from chasing my dreams.”

“I am bold.”

“I am strong.”

“I am fearless.”

“I am brilliant.”

“I am enough.”

“I am perfect in my imperfection.”
If you are unsure about doing it collect necessary information and educate yourself. If you wish to be a singer take music lessons. If you wish to start your own business learn about it. Improve your knowledge. Your knowledge will replace your fear.
You don’t know what you are capable of unless you try it. May be your craziest idea will change your life. Do what you love to do. There may be people telling you that you are not good enough. There may be people who laugh at you. There may be people who will gossip about you. There may be people who will say you are crazy.
It is not your fault. People are always like that .You cannot change them. Go ahead with your dream. Never do it for appreciation. Do it because it is your passion. Find time to appreciate yourself for your progress. Work hard daily, one step at a time towards your goal. Do that thing you always wished to do.You will achieve it.


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