Most dangerous limiting believes.

We all have been conditioned by our society, family, friends and relatives. If you don’t study well you will not get good marks. If you don’t get good marks you will not get admission to MBBS or engineering or any other professional courses. If you don’t get admission to good college you will not get good job. If you don’t get good Job you cannot make good money. This is what we hear every day.
When we turn on the television, there comes the advertisement fair and lovely. Run to the grocery shop buy fair and lovely and put on the face and wait for getting the skin color of the girl in the advertisement, one tube, and two tube three tubes.
Then comes the advertisement of hair oil, buy it and apply it on hair and wait for the hair to grow back. Here comes the new girl of the TV show, wow, what an amazing figure she has. Look at me I am so fat. When will I be like her and keep worrying. My skin is so dark when I will be fair like her. My hair is so damaged and curly, when will I have soft and silky hair like her?
Every day we keep worrying by comparing ourselves with the movie star or cricketer. Then we think of ourselves as not good enough. Stop doing this. Stop giving up on your uniqueness.
You are unique in your own way.
1) The number one self limiting belief is I am not good enough.
You are more than enough in ways you are .You may not be like Aiswarya Rai but you are you .You may not be like Virat Kholi,but you are you .You are more than enough in ways you are.
2) Then comes the next, I don’t have enough money.
If you have food to eat , bed to sleep ,a roof over your head and people who loves you ,you are more than enough rich.
3) People don’t like me.
Yes there may be people who don’t like you. Do you think if you apply Fairness cream and become white they will love you? If you become slim will they love you? Even if they do so, is that true love? Are you sure they will stay with you forever?
You don’t need to please any one to get their love. People who love you will always stay with you forever.
Every day when you wake up look into the mirror and say:
I love myself because
I know I am beautiful
I know I am unique
I know I am more than enough
I know I am worthy
I know who I am
I know I am the best.
I f you love yourself and accept yourself in the way you are, it is more than enough. Don’t break your heart searching for love from people who don’t love you.

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