We are the co -creators of our life. We are capable of co- creating with the universe. Our subconscious mind is the most powerful tool for creation of the life we desire. We all are blessed with the most powerful tool of creation-our mind.


The things we use daily in our life were first created in the mind of someone before they were originally made. Look around your home the television you watch, the mobile phone you use, the rocket they send to the space, the airplanes flying in the sky, the car you drive, all these were created twice. Everything is created in the mind of a person before they were originally made.


So use your mind to create the life you desire. See it in your mind first. Draw a mental picture of how you want your life to be. Write it down with every minute detail. Use your imagination to live it every single day.


For example: If you are manifesting your dream house, start by building it in your mind. How many rooms are there? How many bed rooms? How many stories? What kind of balcony? What color of paint it is? What kind of furniture’s is there? What kind of roof? What type of flooring? How large is the kitchen? Is there a garden in front of your house? What kind of flowers are there in your garden? Who all are living with you? Is there a car poarch? Is there a swimming pool? Write down every single details first .If you can, simply draw a picture of your dream home in a piece of paper and color it.


See it with your eyes and close your eyes and see it in your mind. Do this daily for whatever you desire to manifest. If it is a car or a job or a person or the life you desire create it now in your mind to create it for real.




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