Power of gratitude:

Once there lived in a village” Golu “and “Bolu”. They were both farmers. They were also neighbors and good friends.
They always planted the same kind of seeds in their field’s .Golu always got better yield and made good money. But Bolus ,crops were always destroyed and he remained poor. So Bolu was very sad and disappointed.
One day he asked Golu sadly, “Dear Golu, we both are planting the same seeds at same time, but you always got good crops and mine is always getting destroyed, why is it happening?
Then Golu replied with a smile, “dear Bolu it is not some magic as you think, my father taught me to be grateful for everything in my life, so before I plough my field to plant the seeds I always say thanks to God for giving me good weather, better crops and good yield. So I always got good yield.”
Bolu thought himself and he realized his mistakes, he was never taught to be grateful in his life and he always kept complaining about bad weather and how his crops where destroyed. So he kept on attracting the same throughout his life.
From that moment Bolu started being grateful for everything he had in his life. Also before he planted  seeds and  he was also grateful in advance for better yield and good crops. So he got better crops and made good money and was happy and grateful. He realized the importance of being grateful in his life and he taught his children also about the power of gratitude.
What is the moral of this story?”Once you start being grateful for the things you already have in your life you will attract more good things into your life. Gratitude in advance is one of the most amazing creative forces in this universe.”

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