Why it is important to surrender yourself (Letting go) to manifest your desires?

Have you ever felt like the Law of attraction is not working for you? It is because you are trying to control what is happening in your life. Do you often doubt why your desires are not manifesting? Do you feel that it is taking a long time to manifest?
When we know, understand and use Law of attraction in our life, we are entering a partnership with the universe. Universe is our partner. So if you doubt your partner, what will happen?
The problem is we keep waiting for the exact type of thing to manifest and fail to notice other small things coming your way. For example ,you were manifesting a parker pen and you found a pilot pen lying on the ground, but you didn’t pick it up because you were waiting for the exact pen you manifested, so you end up getting frustrated for not manifesting your exact desire .But universe already manifested what is better and most suitable for you.

You were manifesting money ,you noticed a coin lying on the ground but you didn’t pick it up because it was not the exact amount of money you manifested.

Actually it is a test from the universe to know whether you are prepared to receive your desires, and if you fail to notice the small things coming your way, you will end up manifesting nothing.

If you were manifesting a phone and within your heart you keep doubting whether you can afford it or when it is going to manifest? Or how it is going to manifest in your life? or deep within you feel that you can use the money you spend to buy a phone to help someone ,how can you manifest it?

Universe is like our parent .When you ask for an ice-cream ,sometimes your parents will buy you a chocolate because ,they know what is the best for you. So universe will not always manifest exactly what you asked for, but choose what is best for you.

You will ask for ice cream but universe thinks that chocolate is better for you ,so you will end up with the chocolate instead of the ice cream.
So it is important to let go of your control of how things are going to happen in your life and surrender to the divine source energy. Allow things to manifest on its own at the divine right timing instead of forcing them to happen. So surrender yourself to the universe and just accept the natural flow of things.
Trying to control the natural flow of things is like living in fear. Fear is a negative emotion.
You can’t always control situations or people. The only thing you have control is your thoughts. Surrendering yourself to the universe is the best way to stay relaxed, calmed and let your desires manifest on its own at the divine right timing.
Have faith in the universe and trust the process of manifestation. The universe will always select what is best for you, It may not be exactly what you think is the best.
So let your partner decide what is the best for you and accept it when it comes to you and stay grateful. It will always be something better than you have imagined.

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