Why we should love our life?

There was a sad news about a mother who ended her life, after she had an argument with her son about a mobile phone worth 35000. She did that in a rush of emotions like anger and frustration.

There was another heart breaking news about a nurse who lost her life. She got infected with Nipah virus and succumbed to it,while working in a hospital taking care of infected patients. She was also the mother of two kids(2 year and 5year old). And her kids are still unaware of the death of their mother.Who do you think died for a cause?

There are a lot of people out there who thinks about ending their lives for silly reasons.
Love your life because it is the greatest gift you received from God our creator. It is the infinite source energy of potential that is flowing through each one of us.

This life given to us by God is a very precious gift and what we do with it is a gift we give back to him.
Each one of us is send to this world on a divine mission. You may not know what it is right now, but it will reveal to you at divine right timing. So it is important to live each moment of it with faith and gratitude.
You might have failed several times in your life or you may be going through a crisis in your life right now or maybe someone is unfair to you or someone mistreated you. How will you handle it? Will you think about ending your life in a rush of emotions?
A person who doesn’t know the value of his life is the most foolish person. It is okay to fail in exams; you can try and succeed next time. It is okay to fail in love, you will find love again, it is okay to fail in business, you can start another from scratch and it is okay if you lose money because you can earn money again.

There is a second chance for everything in our life. But what about your life; is it okay if you end your life? Will you be able to come back to life .No, absolutely no. There is never a second chance with life.
There will always be ups and downs in our lives. So when you find yourself in any difficult situations in life never lose your hope. Remember, there will always be a rainbow after a storm. Never lose your faith in God.

So whatever situations you are facing right now will go away on its own. Everything in this universe happens as per the laws of universe. It is not our job to find a solution to every life situations. It is important for you to love yourself, have faith in God, believe in yourself and love your life.
One day we all must return back to the place where we came from. Before that you are not welcomed there. And when your name is called you should return. You will not get even a single moment after that to continue here even if you wish to.

5 thoughts on “Why we should love our life?”

  1. Honestly, a good thought … without age barrier people are finding suicide as a method of escapism….great work…. and best wishes for ur upcoming projects.

  2. Although I agree with your view on life…the return to life over and over and over it is also a possibility. At least as valid as your statement :”Will you be able to come back to life .No, absolutely no. There is never a second chance with life.” One way or another, we don’t “absolutely” know.

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