Facts about Law of attraction that will change your life forever.

Law of attraction is not just about manifesting money, house, car or job it is about changing your life forever.
For people who don’t know about law of attraction, it is a law of the universe like the law of gravity. It is always working in our life whether we like it or not or want it or not.
Think about the life you live now; was it the result of your thoughts? Of course it is .If we keep thinking negative thoughts we attract more of negative things into our life unknowingly.
So why can’t we make the law of attraction work in our favor by changing our thoughts from negative to positive.
I will tell you my story with law of attraction, It just didn’t help me manifest the things I desired but it changed my life by making me realize my true power, the power within me .It made me realize it is important to love myself to love others more.
It also taught me how to forgive myself and forgive those who hurt me.
It made me realize the power of gratitude and to appreciate everything that I have in my life.
It also helped me to realize the importance of believing in myself.
It also helps me realize my true life purpose was to help those around me.
Law of attraction made me a better person.
So change your life today, changing your thoughts to make the Law of attraction work in your favor.


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