Why is it Important to teach self love in children?

Today’s world is full of competition and we should prepare our kids from young ages to love themselves and believe in themselves to be successful.
There are many things out there in that are able to tear them apart if they don’t love themselves. Bullying at school is one such thing. There are many mean kids out there who is going to tell them you are not beautiful or you are not smart .This is going to affect them badly if they don’t learn to love themselves and accept themselves from very young age.
It is our responsibility as parents to teach and guide them to love and accept themselves unconditionally.
I know it from my personal experience and I have gone through severe bullying at school and it had affected my self confidence and self esteem for a very long period. I don’t want this to happen to my son or any other kids, because I know the pain. Lack of self love lead me to many wrong choices and I have been a people pleaser for long time.
It is only recently that I started loving myself and it made me realize my true power and helped me to stand up for myself and for others.
How to teach self love:
1) Ask them to write down three things every day that they love about them every day.
2) Discuss with them every day about their day at the school.
3) Make them aware about bullying at school and if someone says bad things about them, or tries to hurt them ask them to say politely to them:” please stop doing this ,you are hurting me.”
4) If this is not working, tell your child to ask for your help or help from their teachers.
5) Teach them the importance of gratitude from young age
6) It is your responsibility to tell them every day that they are the best creation of God ,no matter what others say.
Tell them they are unique, special and amazing. God created them special because he wants them to be special and you always love them.

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